Diana Hubbard – Hall
President and Founder

Diana Hubbard

Diana has spent over 40 years helping several small businesses’ in North Texas to grow and thrive. During the first part of her career, she designed and planned fire alarm systems for both business and residential applications.  She spent the last 9 years of her career in the Pet Care Industry, where she was very active and instrumental in working with the North Texas Food Bank to change their charter to accept food for animals as well as humans.   In 2013 Diana worked hard to help form a Non Profit called The Save a Snout Foundation 501c3 to help families struggling with pet care costs. She was nominated Altrusa Richardson Texas, Woman of the Year 2015.

In August 2015 Diana suffered an almost fatal car accident after her heart stopped beating while driving.   She was told a second time by her physician that due to her failing health, she’d no longer be able to continue with her beloved career.    She laid down her workday saber and began a new journey of healing.

After she was told by her both her Cardiologist and primary care Dr. in Oklahoma that the only hope of not having to live on mind-numbing medications, would be to move to a state like Colorado and try Cannabis as it is known to help with PTSD and pain.  After losing her home and pretty much everything else, Diana discovered that Cannabis does help her to function without feeling drugged up.

So, Diana Founded CannaPower with a vision to help educate and bring healing help to those with life-altering medical conditions.

Diana says ” I see no reason we can’t all work together for the greater good of all.  The dispensaries and growers all want to help, yet no one wants their money because of federal laws.  Now here we are, a State of Colorado NonProfit and together we can all make a huge difference in the lives of so many others. We can and we will!  I’m not gonna just sit in my rocking chair, listening to Willie Nelson, knowing I could have made a difference .. and Willie wouldn’t do that either, he too knows CannaPower Cures”!

Wilene Hubbard -Hall 
Vice President 

Wilene Hubbard

For all of her life Wilene has suffered pain from a rare bone disease known as HPP ( Hypophosphatasia) .   Although she’s lived with pain all of her life , she somehow managed to have a very successful career in the art of hair styling.  Later in life , before she was forced to retire due to health isssues , she owned and operated a very successful quilting business.   Wilene knows pain all to well and she also knows that CBD treatment helps with pain and swelling.  She no longer lives on prescription medications and she too knows that Canna Power Can Cure.   Wilene is a dynamic force speaking from the experience of pain.

Taz Christi

Taz Christi has joined our staff of directors; she was the oldest of 13 children, she attended Cosmetology School out of High School. Desiring a deeper connection to others, she trained as a Chef and worked in restaurants in 5-star resorts for ten years. Still seeking a deeper connection, she trained as a Home Health Care Aide and worked closely with patients for the next ten years, even living with one who needed 24/7 care. Frustrated with the limitations of western medicine created an opening for research and when the laws changed in Colorado, she began a Grow Op. Started accepting patients as a Cannabis Caregiver. 4 yrs later, dozens of Cancer patients in remission, Epileptic seizures have drastically reduced, the progression of MS halted, blood pressures reduced, Diabetic patients off of insulin, and a plethora of pain patients are smiling again. She has found her purpose, her calling, and is now serving Colorado patients more effectively than ever before. Her union with the Foundation is to provide clean, safe, accurate meds for each ailment. Most recently she was awarded the San Luis Valley, Colorado Cannabis Cup with a First place in concentrates.