The CannaPower Foundation

NonProfit of Colorado State id #20171656016 

Our Mission

“To provide educational information and resources to help support cannabis research and advocacy within our communities.”

Message from the Founder

After suffering two heart failures and losing my life long career in management, I decided to take my first SSDI check and put it to good use by forming a Non Profit that helped people with life altering conditions like Cancer, get access to their medications. I lost my sister to cancer in 2005. She loved Cannabis, but we had no idea back then that it could help heal so many conditions. Now, having suffered these heart failures, due to PTSD and a Nuerosympathic Disorder, I rely daily on my medications to help me stay healthy. Sadly, there was a time that I only had food stamps.  I was sick every single day because I simply couldn’t afford my legal medication. It was during that time that I swore, when I could, that I’d help others that simply needed a hand to help heal. Even if we are only able to help one person, I feel it’s all been worth it. I know CannaPower Cures!

Our Board Members